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Protocol Research Objective Last update Status Actions
SNOWLINE How does snowline elevation change during snowmelt runoff events? What are the spatial and temporal differences across Europe? 21-09-2017 Participate
Constraining models outputs and inputs To gain understanding about the added value of the different sources of information (e.g., remote sensing products and analytical approaches) in constraining hydrological models inputs and outputs. We will test for different places in different climatic regions. 29-09-2017 Participate
River Memory Provide decision makers with updated probabilities of the occurrence of extreme events. In particular, floods and droughts will be the objects of our interest. 13-09-2016 Participate
European SeFo-MIP Compare seasonal hydrological forecasting skill from a number of hydrological models under different hydro-climatic conditions 05-05-2017 Participate
GEEHP The main goal is to enhance the accuracy of large-scale runoff simulations with meso-scale hydrological informations 05-09-2018 Participate
Nutrient estimates compare model estimates of riverine nitrate concentrations evaluate the role of available environmental data for model performance 16-03-2017 Participate
CAPICHE Gain a comparative understanding of how different models simulate catchment hydrological response to changing land cover 15-03-2017 Participate
T Test 19-06-2019 Participate
CMIP The WCRP Working Group on Coupled Modelling (WGCM) oversees the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project, which is now in its 6th pha 04-10-2019 Participate